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Tell Santa Cruz US Your Story

Santa Cruz US is a Community based program that focuses on building relationships one story at a time.

Help Shape the Santa Cruz Experience for Others - Tell US Your Story

Our community is rich in culture! We host thousands of people annually seeking the Santa Cruz experience. Santa Cruz US, through Community TV, online and via Social Media platforms, is a vehicle to add context to that experience, while complementing the efforts of other local and civic minded organizations.

About Santa Cruz US

Santa Cruz US is a new program made for Community Television that focuses on businesses and charitable organizations within Santa Cruz County. The show features participants that desire to inform the community about who they are and what they do in a NON COMMERCIAL atmosphere, similar to a video magazine article.

Santa Cruz US is intended to tell the story behind local business and charitable organizations. Too often in a community such as ours when you have a migrating workforce there is a disconnect between local business and potential customers. We have seen groups like Think Local First, and local Chambers of Commerce doing fantastic work to engage our community, and Santa Cruz US endeavors to create a video media complementary in mission.

Sample Video Reel

You're Invited to Tell Santa Cruz US Your Story

Santa Cruz US invites local businesses within Santa Cruz County, and Local Non Profits to participate. However, because the show is intended to educate and inform, local politicians, performers, artists, and authors are also invited to “tell their story.” Santa Cruz US is by local professionals, for the education and information of our local community and wider community beyond.

Santa Cruz US is produced by BKW Enterprises, a local production company with over 20 years of media production experience. The show will be produced to the standards and quality of a network broadcast show, with each 30 minute episode featuring 3 to 4 professionally produced segments. Each segment will be 6 – 7 minutes in length and will feature each participant’s story. Individuate segments will be available for distribution by each featured organization, without any further compensation.

Not Every Story Can Be Accepted

It is our goal to portray every organization in a positive light. With that said, there may be some organizations that do not “fit” within the framework of Santa Cruz US. Care will be taken to ensure that each participant’s story is reflected in a positive manner. This positive outlook philosophy is exclusively offered to those participants in our community that strive for the same goals – a prosperous, community centric view of the people and organizations that reside in Santa Cruz County.

To cover the costs of each segment participants pay the amount of $750. Non Profits, Politicians, Performers, Artists, and Authors are asked to pay $550.

Tell US Your Story

You’re invited to apply to be included in the first season of Santa Cruz US. Participation is limit. A deposit of $750 for Business, and $550 for Non Profits is required at the time of acceptance of the invitation. If your organization is excluded then your deposit will be refunded in full.

You will be directed to BKW Enterprises to complete your invitation.